This month we are proud to announce our collaboration with Food For Hope! We highlighted them back in January of 2019 and April of 2020, and we’re so excited to catch up with them in 2022.

Who is Food for Hope?

Food for Hope is based in Thornton, CO and they provide access to food for children in Adams county. They were founded in 2014 after the mayor of Thornton, Heidi Williams noticed that there was a need for students to have access to healthy food. She saw that students were unable to access the food they needed to thrive and succeed when they were not in school.

Pastor Ruben Villarreal of ThornCreek Church felt that ThornCreek could become more of a resource in the community and through their collaboration the idea of Food for Hope was born. In 2015 they became an official (501(c)3) nonprofit and since then they have continued to work to provide weekend food for children to help bridge the weekend hunger gap.

How does this program work?

Food for Hope provides a number of programs that ensure children in Adams county have access to healthy food.

Their Weekend Food Bags are full of nutritious food for children enrolled in their elementary school program. Volunteers pack a bag with vegetables, protein items, and more! These bags are delivered to participating schools on Thursday every week.

Their School Fuel program helps students maintain focus and find success by providing snacks for students who may otherwise not have them during school. They found that teachers were often purchasing snacks from their own pocket and this program helps alleviate the burden for teachers as well.

Their In-School / District Food Banks help provide fresh and shelf stable food to students in the district/school that they attend. By working with the local school/district, Food for Hope can identify those in need of food resources and help provide them with what they need. They currently have food banks in 4 schools in Adams county!

How can we help as a community?

Are you interested in getting involved with Food for Hope? We’ve compiled some resources to help get the community involved and to help provide access to food for more students in need!

Volunteer with Food for Hope and help them get food to students in need!

Donate to Food for Hope to help them provide nutritious food to students in Adams county!

Learn More about what they’ve been up to and stay up to date on what they’re doing!

Next Steps

High 5 Plumbing is excited to be working with Food for Hope again in 2022. We can’t wait to see what we accomplish!

We’re looking forward to supporting them during the months of January & February!

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