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Being proactive with your home’s plumbing can only help your home in the long run. A lot of residences deal with a great deal of activity, especially hot spots such as sink and toilet drains. There are helpful products and steps you can take to fight against the physical material and build-up going through your plumbing.

Why Should I Use A Drain Cleaning Solution?

Solutions like Bio-Clean assist with your day-to-day usage of drains. It is multi-purpose and can be implemented on sinks, showers, bathtubs, garbage disposals, septic tanks & fields, cat litter pans, motorhomes, and much more!

This can assist against costly backups, and a two-pound container of Bio-Clean yields up to 100 drain treatments. Perhaps the most noteworthy feature of this product is the act that it is environmentally friendly and safe.

What is Bio-Clean?

Bio-Clean is a drain cleaning solution. It utilizes natural bacteria and enzymes that digest dead organic waste found in your plumbing system.

How does it work?

In nature, all animal plant matter is broken down and recycled into plant food by enzymes and bacteria. Bio-Clean uses this same principle to remove organic waste that accumulates in your plumbing and septic system. Like all living things, bacteria must “eat” to survive.

Fortunately, the grease, hair, soap film and organic waste found in your drains and septic tanks are food for the bacteria in Bio-Clean. The enzymes prepare this “food” or the bacteria by breaking down the large molecules into a size the bacteria can “swallow.”

When mixed with warm water, Bio-Clean immediately goes to work! The enzymes are very fast and start breaking down waste on contact. Bio-Clean contains billions of bacteria and as they eat they double in number every 30 minutes! Unrestricted by gravity, they spread through the entire plumbing system, devouring all the organic waste.

Are there Bio-Clean alternatives?

There are other cleaning products that achieve very similar results via natural bacteria and enzymes. We choose to carry Bio-Clean in particular because we want to understand the product we use before we recommend it.

If you are dealing with clogged drains regularly, we highly suggest you have a professional assess it first to confirm the cause of your clogged drain. It is important that you don’t entirely rely on products without understanding the cause of your issues so that they can be managed more effectively.

Want to try Bio-Clean?

We’re offering $30 off a 2 lb. Bio-Clean — the best part is that we keep these on our trucks, so you won’t deal with shipping times or costs. Just mention this blog post and you’ll receive a discount with our technician! Expires 5/17/2021.

When we come by for your next service, let us know if you’re curious and we can answer any questions!

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