For a nice, relaxing day when it’s scorching hot or dusty and windy outside, ensure you’ve got the AC repairs in Golden, CO, that you need. You know our weather is unpredictable, but the team at High 5 Plumbing, Heating & Cooling is solid, reliable, and ready to put your cooling system right. Enjoy a cool breeze from your smoothly running, expertly repaired central or mini-split AC system!

When you upgrade to a modern, technology-enhanced AC system, you need a tech-enhanced team of experts to care for it. We keep older systems running as long as they will, and make sure a glitch in your newer model AC, such as a variable speed compressor model, doesn’t affect your family’s comfort.

Experts in testing and diagnosis as well as air conditioning repair, our team at High 5 Plumbing, Heating & Cooling takes a strategic, analytical approach to restoring or improving your cooling. Our high standards demand it so that when you’re sharing a “high five” when the job is done, you’ll also say, “Cool!”