Do you need a new gas line installed somewhere in your home? Have a gas leak that’s wasting money or dumping toxic gas into your air? Gas plumbing can have serious consequences if something goes wrong, and that’s why the team at High 5 Plumbing offers superior services designed to provide you with the high-quality solutions you need. If you’ve got a gas-related plumbing issue, we respond quickly and come to you to get the job done so you can go back to a home that’s safe and stress-free.

At High 5 Plumbing, your satisfaction is our goal, and we never stop until we’ve obtained it. Whether your issue is small or large, we come directly to you and offer you world-class technical services and a customer experience unmatched anywhere else. We arrive on time to all appointments, complete the job quickly, and make sure every gas line we service or install is secure, safe, and adheres to all necessary building codes and requirements. We’re even available in emergencies when your issue simply can’t wait! If you have a gas leak that needs urgent attention or your gas system faces a problem that could be devastating for your home, our plumbers will come to you at any time, 24/7, and offer you the repair services you so desperately need.