Tankless water heating systems are a great way to save money on your monthly utilities. The plumbers at High 5 Plumbing are able to provide tankless water heating installation and service for both residential and commercial customers. We can help you determine the best system for your home or business, then get it installed fast! Our team has been providing outstanding service.

    What About Tankless Water Heaters?

    When you call High 5 Plumbing for Denver water heater replacement, we will do everything in our power to ensure you receive the best option for your needs. That’s why in addition to standard gas and electric water heaters, High 5 Plumbing can also help you choose between a conventional tank water heater or a tankless model. Tankless, or “demand” units are generally more energy-efficient because they heat the water that you need, when you need it, instead of heating and storing gallons in a tank. This allows you to save money on your monthly utility bills in the long run, in addition to enjoying hot water on-demand.

    Top benefits of tankless water heaters include:

    • A continuous supply of hot water
    • Fewer repairs and replacements
    • They have a longer system lifespan (up to 20 years)
    • Lower energy costs
    • They are compact in size (easy to install and maintain)
    Tankless Water Heaters in Denver, CO

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