Blockages and clogs are not one of those things that might happen to your drain and sewer system—eventually, they will happen. As your drains handle water and waste over time, grime and other debris will build-up to the point where it obstructs your drain line and cause the type of clog that’s a real hassle to deal with for any homeowner.

Solving this type of issue isn’t as simple as just removing it with an auger or using a liquid drain cleaner—these tools may not be as long and strong enough to reach down and break the blockage itself, and chemical drain cleaners can actually cause even greater damage to your plumbing lines. The best solution for your clogged drain and sewer problem is to call High 5 Plumbing for hydro jetting. Our experts offer safe and effective hydro jetting in Denver capable of pulverizing even the toughest and deepest obstructions in your plumbing system.