How much time, money, and water do you wash down the drain waiting on hot water from your water heater? The average home wastes over 31 gallons a day! Did you know you can get instant hot water to your plumbing fixtures without wasting tons of water or running up your utility bills?

“Why does it take so long to get hot water to my faucets? What can I do to get hot water faster?” It’s a common problem and one we hear about often from our Denver water heater customers.

Thankfully, there’s one simple solution that doesn’t involve a new water heater–or even a major overhaul of your plumbing system. It’s called a hot water recirculation (HWR) system. At High 5 Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, our HWR of choice is the Grundfos Comfort System.

What Does a Hot Water Recirculation System Do?

A hot water recirculation (HWR) system provides you the ultimate convenience of instant hot water at all your sinks, appliances, and bathroom faucets (hello, hot showers on demand!).

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. In fact, the Grundfos Comfort System is a retrofit solution, eliminating the need for a dedicated return line. No cutting holes in your walls. No running new pipes. No major disruptions to your life.

The Grundfos Comfort System uses your home’s cold water supply line as the “return line” to your water heater.

The circulator pump (with a timer) is installed at your water heater. It’s designed to pull cool and cold water back to be heated and recirculated through your existing plumbing system, and it uses less energy than a 25-watt light bulb!

The thermostatically-controlled comfort valve is installed at the farthest fixture from your water heater, typically under a bathroom sink. It regulates the flow of water from the hot water line to the cold water line. There’s no pump installed here, so no power source is required (not that your under-sink bathroom cabinet is likely to have that, anyway!).

What Are the Benefits of a Hot Water Recirculation System?

There are a variety of benefits to installing an HWR system like the Grundfos Comfort System. Here are just a few:

  1. No more waiting on hot water
    You get instant hot water without wasting gallons of water (and lots of time). This is an especially great feature if your home is required to have low-flow showerheads or faucets.
  2. Increased efficiency and effectiveness from appliances
    You’ll get more bang for your buck from your washing machine and dishwasher because hot water is instantly available at the start of the unit’s wash cycle.
  3. Energy savings
    Is hot water in high demand in the mornings for your family’s showers? Or maybe in the evening when you’re doing laundry or firing up the dishwasher. You can set a 24-hour programmable digital timer (with battery backup) to ensure hot water will be available at peak demand times. You probably won’t need hot water at 3 a.m. (we hope), so why pay for it then?

    Want even more energy-saving tips? Find them here: 5 Tips to Reduce Your Water Heater’s Energy Use.

  4. Major savings on water and sewer disposal costs
    A typical U.S. home wastes 12,000 to 38,000 gallons of water every year. Think about it–how much time do you spend waiting on hot water from your taps? And what does that mean for your wastewater bills? The Grundfos Comfort System can save you up to 12,000 gallons per year in wasted water, making an impact on your budget, not to mention the environment!
  5. Installation is simple
    Our certified plumbing technicians can install the Grundfos Comfort System in your home on the same day of service. No major renovations are required!
  6. It’s affordable
    This system is much more affordable than a traditional recirculating line which is why it’s so popular with so many homeowners. (Get your custom quote here) Yes, it’s an up-front cost. But if you consider the energy savings alone, this system pays for itself pretty fast.
  7. It’s a high-quality, no-maintenance product
    No need to maintain the Grundfos Comfort System. It’s made of stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, super quiet, and durable. On average, we see these systems last five to eight years for most homeowners, depending on the water quality of the home.
  8. whole-system efficiency
    The ultra-efficient motor and low-flow performance of an HWR system help reduce heat loss. Over time, you’ll spend less on water heater operating costs, and it will also mitigate the wear and tear on your pipes and water heater unit. Plus, you reduce your energy consumption. It’s a win-win-win!

    Want to know even more about getting the most out of your water heating system? Check out 5 of the Best Reasons to Choose a High-Efficiency Water Heater for Your Home and How to Prolong the Life of Your Water Heater.

  9. It’s good for the environment and good for our neighbors
    Freshwater is a resource that’s in increasingly short supply, especially for our neighbors here in the West, the Desert Southwest, and beyond.

It’s no secret that Colorado is feeling the strain of a booming population and a dwindling water supply. Our state’s population is on pace to double by 2050. We can do our part here in Denver to conserve our water resources and reduce waste through simple installations like hot water recirculation systems.

Want more water conservation tips? Check out this resource from the EPA to discover how you can help reduce water waste in your home.

Is a Hot Water Recirculation System Right for Me?

Whether you want the convenience of instant hot water, the peace of mind of reduced water waste, or just a lower water bill each month, a Grundfos Comfort System could be the perfect solution for you.

This system will save you time (and the discomfort of cold showers on winter days!), and it’ll make a positive difference to the environment and your monthly budget. What’s not to love?

It’s also a simple, effective way to get the most out of your hot water heater and reduce wear on your plumbing system. So you stand to save long-term, too, the costs to replace a worn-out water heater or make costly plumbing repairs to damaged pipes.

We’d say that’s worthy of a High 5!

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