Hope House Colorado receives financial donations, social media recognition from High 5 Cares

DENVER – Sept. 23, 2021 – High 5 Plumbing, a family-owned and operated plumbing company serving residents in the greater Denver metropolitan area, designed its High 5 Cares program to act as a pillar for giving back to the community. For September, the company chose Hope House Colorado as its nonprofit recipient.

Hope House Colorado is an organization that provides resources for supporting teen mothers, including but not limited to residential, high school and GED, and college and career programs. The organization also offers parenting classes, healthy relationship classes, certified counseling and much more.

“At High 5 Plumbing, one of our core values is giving back to a community that has provided so much for us, and the High 5 Cares program is the perfect avenue to meet that goal,” said Levi Torres, owner of High 5 Plumbing. “Hope House Colorado is an amazing organization providing a great service to these young women. They help teen moms become self-sufficient members of their community by providing services that may otherwise be cut off from them.

“Whether it’s teaching teen mothers how to be financially literate, providing personal growth classes or simply giving them a safe place to rest their head at night, Hope House Colorado is a great program and deserves to be recognized for what they do.”

High 5 Plumbing started its High 5 Cares program in 2018 with the mission to provide financial support to reputable trusted charity organizations in the community. The company spotlights a different nonprofit each month and donates a set amount of $500. In addition, the nonprofit receives $10 for every High 5 Club Membership that’s sold during the month and receives 100% of the proceeds from the company’s High 5 clothing line. High 5 Plumbing recognizes the nonprofits on their social media platforms, as well.

“Community should be a focus for anyone in the home service industry, and we are always looking for an opportunity to serve our neighbors,” said Torres. “High 5 Cares shows that we genuinely care about our residents and want to make a lasting impact on the families we serve. We are more than a plumbing company. We are a company that strives to meet the physical and emotional needs of our community through this program.”

To donate to Hope House Colorado, please visit https://www.hopehousecolorado.org/donate/.

For more information about the High 5 Cares program, call (720) 637-5177.

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