As a new homeowner or a long-term resident who hasn’t thought about sump pump repair in Wheat Ridge, CO for a long time, now is an excellent time for an update. When heavy rains come, the water table rises, or plumbing leaks occur in your basement, you’ll be ready. Experts will check the condition and function of your sump pump, perform any necessary repairs, and make sure your discharge pipe is well placed. If you don’t have a sump pump, or yours is over 8 years old and due for replacement, experienced sump pump installation is available to get you protected.

In the Clear Creek and Lena Gulch areas of town, there are specific flood hazard zones that are federal government defined. Elsewhere, it’s still wise to have sump pump protection and keep up to date with sump pump maintenance and repairs. Our Front Range downpours are unpredictable, and area homeowners are still recovering from past floods.