High 5 Plumbing utilizes technology to minimize on-site plumbing assessments

DENVER – Feb. 17, 2022 – Advancements in technology have created opportunities in the homes service industry to streamline processes and make life easier for the contractor and customers alike. High 5 Plumbing, a family-owned and operated plumbing company serving residents in the greater Denver metropolitan area, has utilized online services to establish High 5 Live.

High 5 Live is a service that offers instant quotes using video calling to help reduce the need for on-site assessments.
“Many times, a customer will call simply to get a price for a repair,” said Levi Torres, owner of High 5 Plumbing. “For many plumbing services, that will require you to set up an appointment for a technician to come to your home and assess the situation. Video quotes allow us to evaluate the problem, determine the cause and let the customer know what needs to be done. It’s a time saver for everyone.”

Video quotes are not just restricted to small problems. If a customer has a plumbing problem and can show the symptoms via video chat, estimates can be obtained in minutes using services like High 5 Live. Problems that can be diagnosed through a video quote include but are not limited to:

  • Pipe leaks
  • Garbage disposal issues
  • Toilet repairs
  • Drain clogs
  • Water heater issues

“At High 5 Plumbing, our customers always come first,” Torres said. “We believe that everyone should be able to get the service they need quickly. If we can see what’s going on with your plumbing through video chat, we can deliver an estimate. Video quotes are a positive because it saves the customer time and money because this service is free.”
For more information about High 5 Plumbing, please call (720) 637-5177.

About High 5 Plumbing

Founded in 2012, High 5 Plumbing is a local, family-owned company serving residents in the greater Denver metropolitan area. With a professional team that has extensive experience and a commitment to service, High 5 Plumbing offers comprehensive plumbing, sewer and drain services. The company was built on the values of solving plumbing problems and serving every customer with professionalism and respect.

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