There’s a common assumption about how plumbing companies work: you can either get an in-person estimate or call for a quote over the phone. Maybe you’re crunched for time. Or worried about your budget. And that’s why you’re calling for a quote. We get it. We’ll always make the case for an in-person inspection first (and we’ll explain why below). But did you know those aren’t your only two options? Keep reading to learn more!

Why Should I Get a Quote In-Person and Not Over the Phone?

We often have clients who call us to ask for a quote over the phone. And while that might seem like the quick solution to your plumbing problem, most professionals will discourage you from scheduling service based on one old-fashioned phone call. You wouldn’t ask a mechanic to accurately quote you for an auto repair over the phone, would you? The same goes for plumbing. Ideally, we’d love to get a technician on-site to check out your plumbing issue. This is still the best way to accurately and confidently price a plumbing repair.

Isn’t An In-Person Estimate a Hassle? What About Safety?

Traditional in-home estimates (with companies other than High 5 Plumbing) can take up your valuable time and money. For starters, they typically require you to be at home for a multi-hour window, waiting for the technician to arrive. Once the technician arrives, they evaluate the issue and write up an estimate. That service alone usually comes with a fee, which might be waived or discounted if you agree to have them do the work. If the estimate isn’t what you were expecting, you may have to start back at square one. This can be a major drain on your time and budget. Good news: there are lots of things we don’t do the “traditional” way here at High 5 Plumbing. We take a progressive approach to communication and scheduling.

We communicate with you from start to finish through text, email, and phone, including

  • Text reminders about your scheduled service
  • Text and email links to track the location (and estimated arrival) of your technician
  • Video bio of the tech that will arrive at your home, so you know who to expect at your front door

It all culminates in an efficient, effective plumbing service worthy of a High 5! As for safety, we recognize that you may have some reservations about a technician visiting your home, for a variety of reasons. High 5 Plumbing follows some of the most robust health and safety procedures in the business. Day-in and day-out, we’re taking steps to keep you and your home safe and healthy. With these measures in place, we’re confident that getting a technician on-site to inspect your plumbing situation is still the best option. And a safe one. To learn more about our expanded health and safety protocols, check out this blog post: 6 Reasons Why You Can Trust Us During the Coronavirus Crisis.

What’s the Best Alternative to an In-Person Quote with a Technician?

If you need a quote fast and can’t wait for an in-person inspection, we highly recommend our free virtual estimate service, High 5 Plumbing Live. We’ve been offering High 5 Plumbing Live as a convenient time-saving tool since March of 2018. This innovative service allows us to connect with our clients virtually and provide them instant plumbing estimates via FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, and Instagram.

Why Is High 5 Plumbing Live Better Than a Quote Over the Phone?

1. All you need is a phone or computer with a camera
If you’re seriously crunched for time, High 5 Plumbing Live is the next best option (we’ll almost always recommend an in-person inspection if you have the time). There’s no need to block out a chunk of your day for an in-person estimate. All you need is a cell phone or computer with a camera. If you can make a video call with FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, or Instagram, we can provide you a free video estimate with High 5 Plumbing Live.

2. We can get an immediate visual of your plumbing problem
Unlike traditional in-person estimates, with High 5 Plumbing Live, there’s no waiting around for help to arrive.
When one of our licensed technicians can see the problem you’re experiencing with their own eyes (thanks to your cell phone or computer), they can confidently and accurately quote you on any repairs needed.
Thanks to a simple video call, you’ll get virtually instant answers to your questions about cost, the scope of work, and when you can expect to have the job completed.

3. It’s far more accurate than a phone call
High 5 Plumbing Live’s virtual approach is a much better alternative to a phone call because it ensures you get an accurate and valid quote–and not just a price range over the phone.

4. You won’t have to worry about any unexpected surprises
Ever had a plumbing job cost a lot more or take a lot longer than you initially expected?
Because our techs can get their eyes on your plumbing situation right away, they won’t encounter any surprises upon arriving at your home. As such, the cost of your repair won’t be a surprise either!

We call that a win-win.

5. We can schedule your service as soon as possible
With an accurate assessment of your plumbing needs, we can make a plan and get you scheduled as quickly as possible–in most cases, the same day!

6. You’ll save time and money
High 5 Plumbing Live is a great resource to use if you’re short on time and need help immediately. With a virtual estimate, you get answers fast, and your quote is far more accurate than anything you could get over the phone. Plus, the estimate is free! (That’s not always the case with other plumbing companies, especially with in-person quotes.)

7. Your plumbing issue will be resolved quickly, efficiently, and effectively
Plumbing problems can be a major hassle, especially if you need immediate access to the kitchen sink or the only toilet in the house!
You shouldn’t have to wonder or worry about the timeline or final cost of your repairs. High 5 Plumbing Live is the perfect solution if you can’t wait for an in-person estimate.
We’ll diagnose your problem quickly, arrive with the needed tools and supplies on hand to make the repairs, and get your plumbing back to normal in a matter of hours, not days.

We can diagnose the following problems in a matter of minutes with a simple video call:

  • Pipe leaks
  • Drain clogs
  • Garbage disposal issues
  • Water heater issues
  • Toilet repairs
  • And much more!

What Have You Got To Lose?

When something’s amiss with your plumbing, waiting and wondering when it’s all going to be fixed can stress you out. With High 5 Plumbing Live, we’re able to get you from totally frazzled to peachy keen in no time. And as always, we stand behind our promise to deliver you exceptional service worthy of a High 5 Plumbing! Next time you need plumbing help, make High 5 Plumbing Live the first place you turn for answers. We’re here for you!

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