Protecting your property from water leaks is sometimes as simple as using a faucet cover. Outdoor faucets are exposed to the elements, so they’re more prone to freezing and subsequent water leaks than most indoor plumbing systems. However, many homeowners are unsure whether the faucet covers work. The quick answer is that they do work and should be used for a number of reasons.

If you are just getting a new faucet, doing some renovation, or have one already, you should consider purchasing a faucet cover to protect your outdoor faucet. Outdoor faucet covers are a simple way to keep your outdoor plumbing safe from the elements. They get installed right on top of the outdoor faucet and prevent debris and contaminants from getting in, preventing clogs and other problems.

A faucet cover is a small device that fits over the faucet and is designed to keep harmful substances out of your outdoor plumbing. This means you don’t have to clean your outdoor faucets often. There are many types of covers on the market, and they all have varying degrees of effectiveness. To help you decide if a faucet cover is right for your home, take a look at the following reasons to have one installed.

1. Outdoor Faucet Covers Protect Your Pipes

One of the main functions of an outdoor faucet cover is to protect your pipes from freezing during the winter months. With winter temperatures that often dip into the teens, this is particularly useful in the Denver area. Faucet covers work by trapping heat that radiates from indoor plumbing to the outdoor spigot. This trapped heat prevents the spigot from freezing and causing a burst pipe. To ensure that they effectively protect your faucet and plumbing, it’s important to create a tight seal around the faucet.

2. Faucet Covers Help Keep Water Clean

A faucet cover is inexpensive and effective in keeping outdoor faucets clean, thus keeping the outside water free of contaminants. Faucet covers are especially useful in regions with lots of dust, insects, or other contaminants. These can get into the water supply and build up over time, making the water dirty. Dirty or contaminated water can lead to a variety of issues. There are health risks associated with dirty water. Traces of bacteria or viruses can be present in the water supply. This can cause a range of issues, including things like gastroenteritis. This is why homeowners should protect their faucets by using covers year-round.

3. They Prevent Pests From Making Nests

There are many different types of insects and pests that can inhabit your outdoor plumbing. Pests like ants and termites can enter your home through your pipes and cause damage. A faucet cover is a simple solution to this problem. These covers prevent insects from entering the house, as they cannot go through the holes near the faucet.

4. Faucet Covers Are Durable

Outdoor faucet covers are made of durable materials and will last for years, if not decades. Outdoor faucet covers are typically made of tough, waterproof foam that can resist the elements. Once you have one installed, you won’t have to worry about replacing it for quite some time.

5. They Prevent Drafts

If your outdoor faucet cover is installed properly, it will prevent drafts the same way a draft stopper works. While faucets are often overlooked, they can be a source of chilly drafts simply due to their construction. There are typically some cracks and holes surrounding outdoor faucets, and because the faucet plumbing often extends into garages and crawl spaces, these openings can allow cold air into the home. Covering your outdoor faucets with a foam shield will stop these drafts, which could lead to lower energy bills and greater indoor comfort.

6. Faucet Covers Are a Child-proofing Tool

If you have young kids in your home, you know how difficult it can be to keep them away from household items. Curious children will play with anything they can get a hold of, including your outdoor faucets. If your child turns on your faucet without you noticing, water can run for quite some time before it is discovered. In addition to driving up your water bills, a running faucet left unattended can cause significant property damage. Using faucet covers year-round provides an easy and affordable way to protect your home and your pocketbook.

7. You Can Use Them to Prevent Others From Accessing Your Water

In addition to child-proofing your outdoor faucets, faucet covers can keep other people from using your water. Some models come with a lock that provides even greater security. You can also buy a lock to attach to your cover if it doesn’t have one included. Whether you have a neighbor or a construction crew next door accessing your faucet, a cover can be a great way to keep them from driving up your water bills.

8. They Are Cost-effective

As mentioned, faucet covers are very affordable. They are typically available online and in home improvement stores for less than $5. You can also create low-cost homemade faucet covers, but with their low price, it’s typically better just to go with a manufactured product that you know will be able to protect your faucet and plumbing.

9. You Can Easily Clean Faucet Covers

Faucet covers are designed to be extremely easy to clean and will stay looking great for years. This is because they are made of foam, which means they will not absorb water. You can just wipe them off with a damp cloth whenever they are dirty.

10. They Are Easy to Install

Faucet covers are very easy to install; in fact, no tools are required. The faucet cover is designed to work with any existing faucet. The first thing you need to do is remove any hoses or other fitting from the faucet. Then, shut off the water source to the faucet and open it up to drain any leftover water from the pipe. Once the water is drained, look into the faucet cover to locate the loop on the inside and ensure that it goes over the faucet pipe. Finally, put the cover in place and pull the outside string connected to the interior loop, and your faucet cover is good to go.

Of course, if you need help protecting your outdoor faucets, our plumbers at High 5 Plumbing are available to help. While we’re installing your cover, we can also inspect your outdoor faucets and plumbing for leaks and other potential issues.

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