This month we are proud to announce the continuation of our partnership with Advancing Warriors.

Their mission is to equip veterans and first responders to become compassionate and resilient leaders in our community and take back what years of trauma have stolen.

Who is leading the initiative and how did it start?

Advancing Warriors was created by retired USAF Major and Psychiatrist Ellie Stevens, chosen as a Top Doctor in the Denver Area.

The program was founded to provide a space for men and women Veterans, service members, and emergency responders to rise above the stressors and traumas they have faced and to reconnect with God and one another.

What does the program seek to accomplish?

This program is designed to break through barriers and allow military, veteran, and first responder men and women to rise above adversity brought on by life events, relationships, trauma, combat, and on-the-job stressors.

It equips people to learn how to see themselves as so much more than products of their experiences and who others in their lives have defined them to be. Break the cycle of fear, stagnation, avoidance, and isolation.

These groups are led by Veterans, military members, and first responders who have been through their own struggles and hardships and now want to help their brothers and sisters heal and experience abundant life.

All groups have remote clinical supervision of a board-certified Psychiatrist as well as free Psychiatric care offered to those participants who need it.

Why is the program based in Colorado?

Denver and Colorado have a large veteran population as well as many first responders. It is also a great place to capitalize on the mountains for retreats.

We have over 40 facilitators trained in the Denver area and are going to continue to grow support groups within the Denver and Colorado areas.

Are there any upcoming events?

Advancing Warriors is planning on starting a Veteran group at the Golden VFW on Feb. 23rd, they are also going to be starting veteran, first responder, and spousal first responder support groups within the next few months.

How can we get involved?

Read their Support Us page to learn more about how you can help by volunteering your time, raising awareness, participating, or making a donation.

Join us on this journey to building stronger communities!

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