What is Hope House, Colorado?

Hope House Colorado is metro-Denver’s only resource providing free self-sufficiency programs to parenting teen moms, including Residential, High School & GED and College & Career Programs. Additional supportive services include parenting and healthy relationships classes, an Early Learning Program, health and wellness, financial literacy, and personal growth classes as well as certified counseling, all designed to prepare them for long-term independence. Hope House relies on numerous volunteers and local business partnerships to accomplish its mission.

How does this organization work?

Hope House Colorado offers a variety of components designed to help teen moms become self-sufficient members of their community who are also nurturing, loving parents. They offer a menu-style approach to services that allows teen moms to define their own goals and then select the components that will help them reach those goals.

GED and High School Program

Their GED and High School Program allows teen moms to choose the program that works best for them: GED prep, HiSET prep, or high school diploma, which is available through their partnership with Jefferson Academy & Summit Academy. This unique program features one-on-one instruction and tutoring versus a traditional classroom model and is structured to allow participants to move at their own pace, which is crucial due to the fact that each teen mom has a unique educational background. Theirn College & Career Coordinator also provides guidance and assistance regarding further education or career training. In addition, Hope House also covers the cost of the GED and HiSET testing, and transportation is provided as able.

College & Career Program

The College & Career Program offers practical support to teen moms who are in college or vocational school. Free tutoring, as well as free access to computers and printers, is provided as well as assistance with applying for school entrance, financial assistance, and Pell grants. Career-oriented services are also provided, including workshops on resume writing, interview preparation, financial literacy workshops, computer program skills class, job readiness seminar, and more.

Parenting Classes

Hope House offers teen moms an interactive, engaging parenting education through classes and one-on-one guidance. We utilize the Nurturing Parents Program for Teen Parents, a nationally recognized curriculum, as well as topic-based, teacher-led discussions over meals, and guest speakers. Other opportunities include a support group for teen moms who have children with special needs, age-specific parenting sessions, and Moms Night In.

Healthy Relationships Classes & Certified Counseling

They offer “Story of Hope,” an 8-week class that features an interactive curriculum written specifically for teen moms. Hope House also provides individual counseling to teen moms and children as needed, with referrals offered as appropriate. Topic-based, teacher-led discussions over meals and guest speakers are also offered.

And many more!

How can we help as a community?

  • Ways to Donate – Learn about more ways to get involved and how you can help Hope House Colorado achieve their mission.
  • Volunteer – Hope House Colorado relies on the teamwork of staff and volunteers to empower parenting teen moms as they work toward self-sufficiency. Volunteers provide their talents, skills, and time to partner with Hope House in creating a safe, welcoming learning environment for our teen moms and their children. Engaged volunteers provide varied perspectives and experiences and are passionate ambassadors for our cause. Most importantly, by sharing a part of their lives, our volunteers bless our staff, our teen moms, and their kids.

Learn more about Hope House Colorado and how you can get involved at www.hopehousecolorado.org

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