High 5 Plumbing, Heating & Cooling is the go-to plumbing company for piping in Denver, CO. If your home could benefit from repiping, please call us today to discuss the options. Pipe replacement is a good option if your pipes are leaking, old, or corroded. You might also consider it if you have bad-tasting or discolored water. We replace lines in homes all over Denver and can let you know if this process will likely solve your problems.

    Piping & Repiping in Denver

    Providing Ethical & Experienced Plumbing Services

    If you need piping or repiping in Denver, it can be difficult to find a plumber who will provide you with effective services at fair prices. Many times, other plumbing companies will take advantage of their customers’ lack of plumbing experience and will do poor-quality work while simultaneously charging them exorbitant prices. At High 5 Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we provide all our customers with proficient and honest plumbing services.

    That’s why we will work to resolve your piping and repiping needs in a timely and professional manner. With us, you can count on our plumbers to show up at your home or place of business on time and ready to help.

    Quality Pipe Replacement in Denver

    Pipes typically last for many years, but there are situations in which they might require replacement. For example, if one of your pipes springs leaks, it is essential to replace it quickly to prevent water damage to your home. Water seeping into surfaces can lead to mold growth or irreparable structural damage.

    Corrosion can affect old pipes, which can affect the taste of the water that flows through them. Most modern lines are made of copper, which resists corrosion, but it can still occur if they are in contact with soil that contains certain chemicals. Our team can check your pipes for a decline to determine if that is the source of your water issues. Replacing the lines before a leak occurs is essential if corrosion is present.

    Limescale build-up in pipes can also be a problem in challenging water areas. Once the inside of a line has become blocked with limescale deposits, it becomes more difficult for water to flow through it. In this situation, pipe replacement is the best option. You might notice that your water pressure improves or your water tastes less scaly after replacing the pipes.

    Here is a quick summary of why you might consider using piping and repiping services.
    • Leaking pipes
    • Discolored or odd-tasting water
    • Recurring issues with drains
    • Old or corroded pipes
    • Leak suspected but location unknown

    Our team can replace pipes even in hard-to-access areas. We draw on our extensive experience to access lines and replace them quickly. At the same time, we do everything we can to minimize disruption to your home and family. We use high-quality materials to carry out every repiping job so you can be sure of their durability. You can also be sure that we’ll leave the area tidy and clean when we finish. Contact High 5 Plumbing, Heating & Cooling for professional piping services that will not let you down.

    When Do You Need to Have Your Pipes Replaced?

    When plumbing pipes are first installed, they are designed so that they can last quite a while; however, in some cases they require replacement.

    You should consider retaining effective piping or repiping services when:

    • You have pipes that are leaking
    • You have discolored or odd-tasting water
    • You have recurring issues with your drains
    • Your pipes have gotten old or deteriorated
    • You suspect you have a leak, but can’t locate where

    If you want to forego replacing your pipes for as long as possible, it is important that you know what sorts of problems can occur that will lead to you needing new ones.

    Corrosion of Your Pipes

    While the majority of pipes installed today are made of copper because it is more resistant to rust than other metals, there is still the possibility that they too can corrode. When a copper pipe comes into contact with chlorine or formaldehyde in the air or soil, the pipes will react poorly and likely begin the corrosion process.

    Lime Scale Buildup

    We’ve spoken about limescale before, but in this case we’re referring to the mineral buildup that is caused by hard water being in your pipes for a long period of time. This blocks the inside of your pipes by filling them with hard calculus so that it becomes harder and harder for water to move through them.

    Once lime scale reaches a certain severity, all you can do is have your pipes replaced.

    If you think your pipes are being compromised by corrosion or limescale, call High 5 Plumbing, Heating & Cooling today! We can figure out if you truly do need pipes replaced and get the job done right!

    Reliable Piping and Repiping in Denver

    Residents call on us for pipe replacement because we have a reputation for providing high-quality work. We won an Angi Super Service Award in 2021 and were Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year in 2022. We are BBB accredited, A+ rated, and the holders of a Torch Award for Ethics. Our expert plumbers have a comprehensive understanding of all plumbing aspects, piping and repiping in particular. Regardless of how complex or hard-to-access your pipes are, we can install or replace them quickly and efficiently.


    Solving Your Piping Problems So You Don’t Have To!

    If you have experienced any of the problems listed above, or more, our skilled plumbing technicians can help. We will accurately locate the source of your piping problem and work to resolve it promptly and courteously.

    After spending years helping customers in the community with their plumbing problems, we know what it takes to resolve these often complicated issues. Using state-of-the-art plumbing equipment and our in-depth knowledge, there is virtually no problem that we can’t solve.

    Are you in urgent need of piping in Denver? Get in touch today to speak to a professional member of our team!
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