To upgrade a shower, homeowners can take advantage of a range of features that give any bathroom the ambiance of a personal spa. According to the National Geographic Channel, the average U.S. resident takes over 28,000 showers in a lifetime. Therefore, look at the top shower upgrades that can help you enjoy a haven when bathing while also improving your home’s value.

Upgrade the Showerhead

Upgrading your showerhead is one of the first steps in creating a luxury bathroom experience. Consider installing a rain showerhead. This model distributes the same amount of water over a larger nozzle surface area, so standing beneath it can make you feel as if you are enjoying a fresh waterfall. The wider surface area also means the rain showerhead can reduce the risk of problems associated with high water pressure.

Other than the rain model, you could consider installing multiple showerheads or nozzles for a variety of spray types that soothe the entire body. While multiple showerheads may seem complex at first, a professional can help you choose the right model to match your plumbing or needs. For example, you may add a handheld model that offers greater flexibility, reach and targeted direction. Or, you might choose a sliding-bar showerhead that enables you to adjust the height to accommodate different members of your household. Finally, you could invest the the latest smart showerheads that allow you to control temperature or include customizable LED alerts to help conserve water.

Install a Shower Seat

Shower seats serve multiple purposes. For one, a shower seat is the ideal furnishing for grooming tasks like shaving or applying body masks. Shower seats are also useful if any household occupants have physical or mobility impairments. Experts recommend installing seats or benches to help lower the risk of shower falls and to increase relaxation. Finally, a shower seat can double as a nook or ledge for bottles, cosmetics or towels.

Add Some Plants

Plants help breathe life into any household room. However, choosing plants for your shower area requires special considerations. Choose plants that thrive in humid environments. Unless you have a particularly sunny bathroom with plenty of windows, it is also important to pick a houseplant that does not require direct sunlight. Finally, most experts recommend selecting small plants to keep bathroom greenery manageable. Popular choices for restroom plants include bamboo stalks or small ferns. Another option is to mount a hanging eucalyptus or Chinese evergreen over your shower. Finally, consider placing a bouquet of variegated flowers in a white vase on your countertop to add beauty and color to the room.

Explore Sensory Upgrades

Another way to bring luxury to your shower is to implement sensory upgrades. Recommended sensory upgrades include elements of aromatherapy, audiotherapy and chromotherapy. Traditional aromatherapy includes bundles of fragrant herbs like lavender and mint. You can also ask a professional about installing smart aromatherapy diffusers that periodically mist your shower. Audio therapy can include waterproof speakers that play anything from soothing nature sounds to meditation soundtracks. Chromotherapy involves the use of well-selected colors to calm the senses.

Install a Water Filter

A refreshing way to upgrade your shower is to ask a professional to install a water filter. The use of a filter can help remove contaminants or impurities that can cause skin problems. Using a filter may also remove minerals or other particles that can cause limescale or drain clogging. Installing the right filter is a practical investment that prevents health or maintenance problems in the long run. If your drains are already clogged, reach out to a plumber to repair the issue before installing a filter to prevent similar issues in the future.

Consider a Heated Towel Rack

Heated towel racks can help ensure comfortable showering from start to finish. These tools keep bathroom towels warm and toasty, providing a “fresh out of the dryer” feel each time you step out of the shower. Placing towels on heated bars can also help speed up the natural drying process, thereby lowering the risk of mold or mildew.

Improve the Lighting

Speak with a professional about upgrading your shower lighting in a way that ensures compliance with the National Electrical Code. For example, installing a chandelier can elevate your surroundings. You can also install dimmers that let you adjust the ambiance according to your mood or preferences. Recessed LED lights can also improve the look of your shower, and they last longer than other forms of conventional lighting. According to the Department of Energy, a LED light strip has a useful lifespan that ranges from 30,000-50,000 hours.

Mount Wall Art

Curating artwork can elevate the look of your bathroom. Owners of high-end homes often display everything from sculptures to large-scale collections in restrooms. Experts recommended displaying canvases that are coated in protective plastic to shield them from the moisture and humidity of the shower area.

Glamorize Any Mirrors

Mirrors create the illusion of more space and can uplift your bathroom with minimal effort. Try lining a vanity mirror with lights to create a Hollywood effect. You can also try decorating the mirror with a bronze or matte border for a polished look.

Upgrade Accents and Fixtures

If the hardware in your home restroom looks drab or dated, it is time for a professional upgrade. For example, a plumber can replace faded or rusty fixtures with modern chrome ones to give the room a contemporary appearance. Plumbers can switch out faucets, handles and drains with the latest options.

Ask About Heated Shower Floors

Heated shower floors provide the ultimate luxury on freezing mornings or at the end of a long day. Most heated shower floors work with the help of a waterproof heating cable. Heated shower floors are also energy efficient and on average operate using 300 watts less than the typical space heater. Talk to a professional about floor heating or related forms of radiant heating.

Importance of Professional Installation and Maintenance

While it may feel tempting to alter a shower on your own, contacting an expert for any major project is essential. Showers connect to an underlying network of plumbing that professionals know how to manage without damaging your property. Plumbers also have the training required to understand various models like shower-and-tub combinations or standalone stalls. A plumber can install or upgrade the shower the right way the first time, ensuring that it lasts its full life expectancy and minimizing the likelihood of unplanned repairs.

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