Buying a new toilet seems like a simple process at first. Once you start checking out the selection, though, you may quickly discover that there are an eye-popping number of choices. Educating yourself on current styles and features can give you confidence as you pick out your next toilet. You’ll be ready to talk to your Denver plumber about the best toilet for your plumbing project.

Bowl Shape

Toilet bowls can be rounded or elongated. The rounded ones are more circular in shape, and elongated versions have a more pronounced oval shape.

Because elongated toilets offer more sitting space, many people find them more comfortable. Tall people and those with larger frames may especially appreciate this toilet style.

Of course, a longer seat requires more room. In general, an elongated toilet will stick out about 2 inches farther than a rounded one. A rounded toilet may provide the best fit if you’re working with limited bathroom space.

Another thing to consider when it comes to toilet shapes is the bathroom vibe you aim to achieve. Elongated toilets look more modern, and rounded ones can provide a retro feel.


The elongated-versus-rounded debate isn’t the only thing to think about when it comes to how well your toilet will fit in your bathroom.

When you’re replacing a toilet, you’ll want to get a new one that’s similar in size to what you currently have. That way, your new unit will align with the current plumbing.

The rough-in size is the measure of how far it is from the wall to the drainpipe. To assess it, run a tape measure from the back wall to the center of the drainpipe or the bolts that attach the toilet to the floor. A 12-inch measurement is common, but yours could be 10 or 14 inches. Your Denver plumber can take this measurement and recommend a compatible unit.

The side-to-side dimensions may be important as well. This is usually only a big deal if your toilet is squeezed into a tight space. In larger bathrooms, the side-to-side measurement may not matter much.

The height of your toilet is something else to consider. Many toilet seats are 14 to 16 inches off the ground. Taller people or those with mobility issues may want a higher seat. Toilets between 17 and 19 inches high are often called “comfort-height” seats. You may want to install one of those in your common-area bathroom. It’s a thoughtful way to anticipate the needs of many different guests.


Most toilets come in two pieces. The tank and the stool are separate sections, and the plumber bolts them together during installation. Such toilets are often among the most affordable models. There’s bound to be a small gap between the two parts, though. Dirt and grime may collect in there, and it can be hard to clean it thoroughly.

You might prefer a one-piece unit since it can be easier to keep clean. Plus, many people feel that a one-piece toilet gives a bathroom a more modern look. If it fits your budget, it’s worth looking into these models. While you’re at it, check out toilets with hidden trapways. Such toilets conceal the bent pipes toward the back of the toilet. The smooth exterior construction of a concealed-trapway toilet can simplify your cleaning process.

When you’re building or remodeling a house, you can also consider a wall-mounted toilet. This type of unit features a tank that’s hidden within the wall. The bowl hangs from the wall, which allows you to easily clean underneath it.

Flush Style

Most toilets use a gravity-feed style of flushing. When you flush the toilet, the water moves from the tank to the bowl, creating a circular movement of water within the bowl, and sends waste material down the drain. Within this category, there are various flush valve sizes. The wider ones typically provide more flushing power than the smaller ones.

Pressure-assisted flushing is the other style that you’ll likely come across when shopping for toilets. This type uses pressure to send water from the tank into the bowl at an impressive velocity. As a result, the water flows powerfully and is almost guaranteed to flush anything in its path. That can reduce the likelihood of toilet clogs.

One thing to note is that gravity-flush toilets usually operate more quietly than pressure-assisted varieties. If you have a small house or a bathroom right next to the area where you entertain guests, a quiet toilet might be a priority for you.

Water use is another consideration when comparing these two types of toilets. Pressure-assisted flushing mechanisms can function effectively with less than 1.5 gallons per flush. Gravity-flush systems usually need more water. Some use up to 5 gallons per flush, and the cost can add up over the course of a year.

Many newer gravity-feed models take only about 1.6 gallons per flush. Unfortunately, that can sometimes reduce their effectiveness at moving solid waste out of the bowl. If you want a high-powered flush that saves water, then a pressure-assist toilet may be the style for you.

One other option is a dual-flush toilet. It has separate buttons for flushing liquid and solid waste. The liquid button produces only a half flush, which can lead to savings on your water bill.

Modern Features

If you want to elevate your bathroom experience, there are various features you can look for in your next toilet. For example, flushing mechanisms come in different styles, including levers and buttons. There are even touchless sensors, which may reduce the spread of germs.

Another way to cut down on bathroom germs is to invest in a seat with an antimicrobial coating. There are special coatings available for toilet bowls too. A bowl with a nonstick interior may stay cleaner and let go of unpleasant odors more easily.

If you frequently get up to use the restroom at night, you may want a model with built-in lighting. It will provide just enough illumination to guide your way so that you can avoid turning on the overhead lights.

For the ultimate comfort in the bathroom, check out toilets with heated seats. Another feature with a luxurious feel is a built-in bidet. While a bidet’s spray is gentle, it can provide impressive cleaning power.

A soft-closing seat will close more quietly than a standard one. It can also reduce wear and tear on the seat and the toilet base. Plus, you’ll lower the chances of a small child’s hand or a pet’s snout getting smashed by a falling seat.

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