You might not realize that tankless water heater maintenance in Denver, CO helps avoid plumbing repairs throughout the house. That’s one of the many benefits of a High 5 Plumbing tankless water heater tune-up, checkout, and flushing service. The reason it helps your plumbing is that scale that builds up in the water heater can break loose and clog valves in showers, faucets, or appliances.

A big factor in the need for regular High 5 Plumbing tankless water heater maintenance is because the air and water that flows through it aren’t perfect. Water tends to have minerals, especially in “hard water,” and may also have sediment. You’ve seen what air filters can accumulate, and with the heat used to warm the water flowing through, ventilation is critical. Tankless water heater tune-ups in Denver also provide efficiency and longevity benefits.

We also maintain tankless water heaters in: