Technological advancements are shifting things in every sector, including the plumbing industry in Denver, CO. Companies and homeowners are investing in modern plumbing solutions that improve water conservation and make processes more efficient. Therefore, you need to stay informed so that you can take a step in the right direction and upgrade your plumbing. Let’s talk about some of the common plumbing trends that will become prevalent in 2024 and how you can benefit.

Smart Home Features

Plumbers have found that many homeowners are switching to smart home solutions, which make life more efficient. While some still consider these solutions luxurious and out-of-reach, others embrace these advancements, like connecting plumbing to smart home systems. Research from plumbing experts shows that many Americans are leaning towards touchless technology for improved hygiene and convenience.

Automatic flushing, bidets, touchless faucets, and heated toilet seats are among the leading plumbing trends. Even though these features are more expensive than regular fixtures, many people are willing to pay the extra cost for convenience. Incorporating your plumbing into your smart home system also allows you to track water usage. You’ll learn more about the changes you need to make to increase efficiency.

Experienced plumbers advocate for intelligent leak detection systems that alert you immediately when they sense a leak. Having such technology in your home will help you save money since you can quickly contact a professional for repairs. You will avoid water damage to your property, giving you peace of mind.

Technological advancements like voice activation allow you to instruct your fixtures to complete an activity without manually starting the process. This will make chores like dishwashing and laundry easier. Smart shower usage will also increase as people understand the benefits of pre-heated showers and pre-set jet cycles.

Eco-friendly Plumbing Fixtures and Solutions

Many homeowners are changing their fixtures to those that conserve water, which leads to lower utility bills. People will opt for tankless water heaters, which save time and energy and use less water than traditional heaters. There is also an increase in on-demand smart water heaters that turn on when you need water and turn off when you don’t. They can learn your hot water consumption patterns and measure the amount you use daily. These units can help you save hundreds of dollars annually through energy efficiency and prevent water waste.

Many consumers are looking for better lawn irrigation systems to help minimize water usage. This may include timed irrigation tactics. Others are entirely doing away with irrigation through artificial turf that looks as good as natural grass.

Greywater systems also come into play. They involve reusing slightly used water for irrigation and toilet flushing. However, the water should not be full of chemicals to avoid harming the environment. This trend helps reduce water waste, conserving nature.

Green Certification

As the year closes and we get into 2024, companies will begin manufacturing eco-friendly fixtures with green certifications to meet the demands of their clients. Water-saving fixtures like washing machines and dishwashers will also replace the current models to help homeowners reduce their water usage.

Additionally, green plumbing certifications will help increase the popularity of certain items. Society is leaning towards eco-friendly solutions, and those with such credentials will earn their clients’ trust. As more areas continue to enforce green building codes, you will want to hire a plumber who is familiar with the requirements.

Online and Software Solutions

Tech advancements are also incorporating online services for plumbing companies to help their clients access help quickly. Since most customers use their phones and the internet to shop for service providers, companies must enhance their online presence to become more visible. This will involve creating better websites, more social media publicity, and online interactions.

Thanks to digitalization, you can also review companies and select the best plumber to call depending on what others say about their services. This makes it easier for you as a customer to identify top plumbers with a proven track record and prevent scamming. You can also confirm what services the plumbers specialize in to allow you to select the experts to solve your issue. You can use web tools to schedule your appointment at your convenience through online booking services.

Plumbers will also be using advanced software to guide their daily endeavors. Automating most activities will enable us to provide quality services and have a seamless workflow in the company. Managers can work remotely, receive orders, and dispatch plumbers using their phones. The efficiency of this new technology helps reduce paperwork so that plumbers can focus on the actual fieldwork. Reducing paperwork is also a significant step toward sustainability and eco-friendly solutions.

Copper Replacement

Though copper is a common material in pipemaking, its cost is constantly increasing. This has resulted in people needing alternatives. Plumbing companies are opting for cheaper piping solutions with long life spans and efficient flow.

The top replacement solutions are PEX and PVC. PEX is cross-linked polyethylene and is very flexible, making it suitable for tight spaces. It has excellent corrosion resistance and a long lifespan. However, it gets easily damaged by UV rays, so it’s not ideal for outdoor plumbing unless it’s properly covered.

PVC, on the other hand, is polyvinyl chloride, which lasts a long time and is resistant to corrosion. Most plumbers use it for drainage, sewer systems, vents, and irrigation. However, the material becomes brittle and may crack or break as it ages. Nevertheless, it will serve its purpose for the intended lifespan, making your plumbing more efficient.

Skills Shortage

As more homeowners learn about the benefits of professional plumbing services, there is an increase in demand for skilled labor. People are moving away from local plumbers without certifications and looking for trained experts. Therefore, plumbing companies have the task of employing more skilled plumbers who can deliver excellent results.

Technological advancements are also a factor to consider when working with a plumber. If you invest in the latest plumbing fixtures, you must work with experts with the necessary training to handle such equipment. No one will want to risk damaging their investment by taking shortcuts. Therefore, self-trained plumbers will have a reduced market as people search for experts like our [company name] team.

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